Instagram Tips How To Get Followers

Instagram is an application for iPhone, iPod Touch,iPad, Android and Windows Phone, allowing users to share and upload photos within the Instagram community or through social networks. Get more followers will be essential to increase your presence on Instagram, but know where start could be difficult. Go to step 1 below so that you may know our tips for creating photos, interact with the community and more techniques to increase your followers.

Part 1 of 4: participate in the community


1.) It follows similar accounts. Instagram is a community and if you participate in it, you will see that you will have more and more followers. This means that you will have to do more than to upload photos. It seeks people who publish photos that you like and follow their accounts. So you’ll see your most recent photos on your home page.
Not only follow anyone, but your home page will be overloaded. Limit yourself to follow only the accounts that seem interesting to you. and the person you know.
2.) put “like” and comment on photos. When you start to follow people, take some time to put “like” and comment on your photos. In addition to the other person to become, others will see your name or comment and will look at your profile. If you stay active, you could get a steady free instagram followers 
3.) answer the comments in your own photos. Interact with your own followers will be essential to keep your fan base. Answers all comments that are interesting and thank you for your compliments. If someone makes you an intriguing question, take your time to answer it properly.
4.) ask questions to your followers. Take the title of the photo to ask questions to your followers. In this way,your comments section will be more active, which will attract more visitors.
Consider asking to do something like “put a ‘like’ If you find it funny” or “tell us your story in the comments”. This boost to the community to interact with your photos.